What's NEW?

Nov. 25, 2017

In 2018, General Store Plus will be working on a catalog of "Hot" items, that we know will not only catch your eye, but will excite you and turn you into valued "return customers". "Rings & Things" will be the new name & theme for our Direct to you, FREE home delivery service of cool, unique, specialty gift items. And so importantly is the very affordable price range on most items, from $5. ~ $25.00! So, keep checking and Happy Holidays to all, The Management ~ General Store Plus Thumbs up

Feb. 19, 2017

We've recently added many new & cool licensed items and plan to add many more. We appreciate your support and welcome you to stay tuned for the latest. Licenses such as "Harley Davidson"..Bracelets, Key Chains, Flags and more. Corona Beer, Jack Daniels Whiskey, etc. Keep checking. Smile


Cool March 14th, 2017 ~ Many more unique collector signs have been added to our selction. If you keep asking, we'll keep adding!

Sep. 25, 2016

Arriving Soon....Unique, elegant, stylish & very cool "WATCH~ BRACELETS" just in time for Christmas?  SHOP NOW... Get them while they last.  Buy 2 or more and SAVE!  Simply leave a comment, email me and I will arrange an extra special deal for you. Cheers & Happy Shopping! Big Grin

Sep. 17, 2016

GENERAL STORE PLUS is adding to it's inventory of underwear for ladies. Featuring a wide variety of lacey briefs, bras, Baby-dolls G-string panties, & other sexy little numbers that we know you'll love, and he'll enjoy. Keep checking for our new arrivals & Happy Shopping!

UPDATE: WE Have added an entire new & exciting section we're calling "LANCE'S SECRET". WE don't need "Victoria". After all, who is she anyway? Any one know?

Please enjoy our latest addition. Keep on checking & we'll keep on adding!  Cheers.

Sep. 2, 2016

Guess What? We are having a spectacular Pre-Christmas SALE, so don't hesitate, get in on it!  First, check out our "Promotions" page. Next, follow the directions then score some great deals. You can't miss it.  Cheers...