Doggie Jackets

NEW! Doggie T-Shirt / Jackets. General Store Plus is excited about our newest "too cute" addition to the market items. "Police K9 Unit" & " FBI" are just a couple of more that is to come. Stay tuned. Limited quantities, so be sure to order right away. Cheers! GSP.Thumbs up


BOTTLE LIGHTS ~ Beautiful, elegant, trendy, cool & unique. No two lights are ever the same...unless you order them that way. Assorted color, styles & designs, these amazing lights add color & theme to your bedroom, family room, deck or patio. Decorate your wedding tables with these colorful, unique pieces. Order now! 

Betty Boop

It's hard to believe that Betty is over 70 yerars of age. She has not only lasted this long, but she remains one of the most in-demand, fastest selling image / product in the world. We are very happy to announce that we will be promoting "Betty Boop", featuring clothing, stickers & decals and so much more. Keep checking... Cheers!

Collector metal Signs

What a catch! Collector tin signs are very popular, especially unique images like "Harley Davidson Motorcycles, "Indian Motorcycles", "Packard", Pin-up girls", "Humorous Garage". Perfect to hang in his Man Cave, Bar, Garage or Repair Shop. 

Unique & elegant Watch ~ Bracelets

Beautiful, elegant & unique "Bracelet ~Time Pieces", just in time to put on Santa's sleigh. Seven different styles from DOUYA including our "Shine", "Weave", "Glitz", "Sparkles", "Africa", "The Key" & "Chain" series with a wide selection of colors to suit your taste. Buy 2 or more and get our best deal! Check out our BLOG, then go to "Wish List 2" and Happy Shopping! Thumbs up

Pre-Christmas SALE

Pick the items you want, leave a comment, then send me an email, FB message or phone me. You must have the Stock number when you contact me, and I will reduce the price by 50%. (That's right.. "half price").

This Special SALE will last for ??? hours. I will also ship or deliver the item to you FREE of charge. How's that?

THANK YOU to all that took part. Watch for our next big sale!

L.E. Venne

Three Star *** Feature Of The Week

For Example - General Store Plus is pleased to bring you our 3 STAR  FEATURE of the Week...."Recipes ~The Cooking of ITALY" by Time Life Books. This is a one-of-a-kind, 2 book set that describes the various regions of Italy and features amazing, unique recipes originating from Genoa to Milan, from Florence to Naples and everywhere in between. Original recipes with cheeses, meats, pasta, vegetables and so much more. Our feature price for this great item is just $10.


Thank you sincerely,

Laurence Venne