Welcome to our online FLEA MARKET & BOUTIQUE If this is your first visit, we hope you enjoy it. And if you've visited before, thank you for returning.

I know some of you will remember the olde-style "Gener'l Store", a place where you were sure to find a huge supply of everyday items, and many other things you probably never expected. So, we decided to adopt and share a bit of that same concept & imagery with you and, combine this theme with an open-air Flea Market where you just never know what you're going to find. We know you'll have fun with it so browse around & enjoy. Wink

We'll be adding more products as we go, so please check us out often. Who knows, you may find things you just can't do without like..."Indian Moccasins", "BeefJerky", "Fudge", "Country Hams".... Wild We're teasing, of course!


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For those of you who are new visitors to our online market site, the old Country Market below is just there for your entertainment. It is not our store; we do not have an actual brick & mortar location, simply an "Online Market & Boutique". Please enjoy it!


Indian Moccasins, Beef Jerky, Country Hams... Just what you expect to find at an olde-fashioned "Gener'l Store". We may not have those items in our General Store, but we do have a wide selection and we will keep adding. Happy Shopping!

Three Star Feature of the Week...

GENERAL STORE PLUS is now working on a new Promotion, and hope to launch it by February 15th. Keep checking.


In previous weeks, we featured our "BOTTLE LIGHT & the Three Star special price was only: $12.00 - Regular price: $18.00. It was a huge success!


Last week ~ This 3 pce Vase set, great for weddings or every day decor. Retail Value $49.95, General Store *** SpeciaL $10.00. SOLD! Thank you.


Previous week's Three STAR *** FEATURE of the Week ~ "Rose Gold Timepiece". Regular Price: $16.00.   Price only - $9.00


Previous Week ~ Men's Harley Davidson / Skull Bracelet. Leather band, adjustable, fits most. Regular price: $18.00 *** Price = $10.00







The old General Stores had Blankets, Rope, Nails, Flour, Eggs, Coffee..

*The old-style country "General Store had the look of a Second Hand store, a Deli and a Flea Market all rolled up in one. It had some of this and lots of that, and the smell of a General Store was unique and unforgettable. The General Store stocked nails, rope, canned goods, flour, Indian moccassins, wooden barrels with large pickles in the brine, tools, horse & carriage supplies, blankets & so much more. In addition, you could order a host of other items from the store catalog. You might wait a full month or more to get it, but no one was in a big hurry back then. And while the wife shopped and placed her order the husband could sit by the pot belly stove and challenge someone to a game of Checkers.

Some of the old country stores were also "Trading Posts", called that because they would trade the native indians groceries, blankets and other necessities for their animal furs. The natives trapped and redeemed their catches for various supplies they needed to live on. 

The old country General Stores were often times also the Post office, the Liquor store, Clothing store and sometimes the Drug store too. Whatever the situation, the prices were always fair!

And, perhaps you don't know, but many a large conglomerate owner got his / her start in stores just like these. Sam Walton, Richard Sears and many more started as mere stock boys before being promoted and eventually becoming successful owners of their own establishments.

I can still see the large metal signs on the front and the sides of the store. Most often you would find... "Coca-Cola", "Pepsi-Cola", "Orange Crush" and often smaller signs hung below or in the window advertising "Eggs", "Tea", "Milk", "Flour" and a host of other popular and much needed grocery items.

The old country "GENERAL STORES" are pure nostalgia & provide very fond memories for all to share. It was a time when you could buy a large red field tomato for one to two pennies. Don't we long for the "Good Ole Days"? Thumbs up

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Thank you sincerely

Laurence Venne